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Get instant online quotes for both prototypes and end-use parts using the most cutting edge 3D Printing technologies. We offer Calgary's best selection of industrial manufacturing materials.

  • |  50+ polymers, resins and metals
  • |  6 advanced 3D printing technologies
  • |  1 day minimum lead time and next-day shipping across Alberta
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3D Printing Calgary: Advanced Manufacturing Services

 Forge Labs' advanced industrial 3D printing services allows Calgary engineers and designers to iterate with unparalleled quality, speed and accuracy. Whether it's a singular prototype or extensive production runs, our quality-driven solutions cater to Alberta's most demanding sectors, including energy, automotive, medical, film, fine art, industrial design, robotics and more.

Selective Laser Sintering

Versatile and cost-effective solution for producing functional parts with complex geometries. Its ability to create intricate structures without the need for support material makes it particularly valuable in industries like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, where design freedom, rapid prototyping, and low-volume production are crucial for innovation and efficiency.

            1 - 500 + Parts
            Tolerances to +/-0.25mm
            Parts as quick as 2 business days.
            Build sizes up to 16 x 14 x 16".
SLS Sample Part

Our Manufacturing Quality Commitment

To ensure our parts always meet our manufacturing standard, we have in-house and on-site quality control (QC) systems and protocols in place. Every custom part gets checked on site by Forge Labs quality assurance team before delivery. 

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3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services canada
Instant Online 3D Printing in Calgary

Our Digital Manufacturing Process Explained

Securely upload your CAD file to our quoting platform to get instant online quotes, or work with directly with our 3D printing experts across Alberta to select the best 3D printing technology and material for your project. When ready, place your order online via either credit card or purchase order. Manufacturing begins at your nearest Canadian 3D printing facility using the most advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies by Stratasys, EOS, 3D Systems and HP. Once complete, quality engineers inspect every part and approve it for delivery and ship directly to you the next day.

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Instant Online Quotes

Calgary's top selection of industrial 3D printing materials. Get instant quotes with in 50+ resins, plastics and metals.

Local Manufacturing

Prototypes or end use parts, we provide quick turnaround of any quantity of parts you require in as little as one business day.

Next Day Delivery

Next day shipping anywhere in Alberta. Get your parts shipped where you need them when you need them.

3D Printing in Calgary

With the largest capacity of in-house industrial 3D printing technologies, Forge Labs offers fast delivery across Alberta at the most competitive prices. Efficiency is increased without the need to communicate with manufacturing partners or ship parts between facilities. We are able to quickly respond to changing needs by maintaining complete control over your part production.


We manufacture locally using the most advanced industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies by Stratasys, EOS, 3D Systems and HP. Our technicians work across time zones so that your parts arrive on time, no matter where you are.

Explore our extensive Canadian manufacturing network to discover how we're leading the way in 3D printing across the country. Dive into our regional capabilities, from the innovative 3D printing solutions in Toronto, the advanced techniques in Edmonton, to the cutting-edge approaches in Montreal. Don't miss exploring our Victoria services, the unique offerings in Winnipeg, and our specialized Ottawa operations. Learn more about how we're shaping the future of manufacturing across Canada.
3D printing services Calgary

3D Printing Solutions for Industries in Calgary

3D printing expedites product development through rapid prototyping, enabling customization, and producing complex geometries for a number of manufacturing industries in Alberta. Warehousing and inventory holding costs can be reduced through spare part manufacturing. 3D Printing unlocks just-time-manufacturing runs using high performance materials capable of being used to create replacement parts suitable for even the harshest environments in Oil & Gas. Metal 3D printing has dramatically reduced machining costs and turnaround times of critical oil and gas components including hydraulic blocks, tool slips & pistons, downhole components, water bushings, clamps, heat exchanger tubes and much more. 3D printing helps lower the carbon footprint for industries with less warehousing, reduced transportation costs, and the ability to extend the lifespan of existing equipment through rapid prototypes. The ability to simply replace broken components and extending the longevity of equipment, rather than replace the entire assembly, results in significant cost savings along with much less environmental waste. In essence, 3D printing boosts innovation, competitiveness, and sustainability across Canadian manufacturing sectors.

3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services Automotive


Additive manufacturing and 3D printing has been used in automotive design & prototyping for decades, however recent advancements have dramatically expanded the potential applications of the technology. Read More

3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services architecture


Manufacturing architectural models with 3D printing enables designers to swiftly create complex models in various resins and polymers for trade shows, presentation centers, and client meetings. Read More

3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services medical


3D printing supports medical device design & manufacturing, allowing customization, improved design, and rapid prototyping using biocompatible materials. This plays a vital role in developing medical devices that enhance patient outcomes and quality of life. Read More

3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services aerospace


Aerospace designers and engineers embrace 3D printing to optimize geometries and reduce part weight beyond previous limits. Replacing machined parts with 3D printed ones leads to aircraft with reduced fuel costs and improved performance. Read More

3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services Industrial

Industrial Design

Industtrial 3D Printing allows industrial designers and engineers quick iteration through high-quality prototyping with fast turn-around times. 3D printing allows building complex, functional models in real-world plastics, enabling comprehensive testing before tooling. Read More

3D Printing Calgary Advanced Manufacturing Services film and tv

Film & Television

3D printing enables the rapid creation of detailed props and set pieces, streamlining the design and production process. This technology allows for on-demand fabrication of customized and intricate props, reducing costs and production time. Read More

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