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Toronto Advanced Manufacturing Services

Forge Labs offers unmatched 3D printing capability, offering Toronto's largest selection of industrial 3D printing polymers, resins, plastics, and metals. We empower Ontario engineers and designers to bring their concepts to life with unparalleled quality, speed and accuracy using industrial 3D printing technology. Whether it's a singular prototype or extensive production runs, our quality-driven solutions cater to Toronto's most demanding sectors, including aerospace, automotive, medical, film, fine art, industrial design, robotics, energy, and more.

Selective Laser Sintering

Versatile and cost-effective solution for producing functional parts with complex geometries. Its ability to create intricate structures without the need for support material makes it particularly valuable in industries like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, where design freedom, rapid prototyping, and low-volume production are crucial for innovation and efficiency.

            1 - 500 + Parts
            Tolerances to +/-0.25mm
            Parts as quick as 2 business days.
            Build sizes up to 16 x 14 x 16".
SLS Sample Part

Our Manufacturing Quality Commitment

Our state-of-the-art 3d printing facilities are setup to handle a huge diversity of production requirements for a variety of industries in Toronto.  Whether it's highly customized and time sensitive one-off parts, or large production runs that require precision and repeatability we always meet our manufacturing standard. Forge Labs has comprehensive in-house and on-site quality control (QC) systems and protocols in place ensuring every custom part gets checked on site by quality assurance team before delivery.

Instant Online 3D Printing in Toronto

Our Digital Manufacturing Process Explained

We offer Toronto's largest selection of industrial 3D printing resins, plastics & metals. Choose from over 50 highly functional additive materials along a broad spectrum of mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical properties. Whether you're working on visual prototypes, end-use engineering parts, fine art pieces, movie props, medical devices, or enclosures for electronics, you'll find the perfect material for your application.

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Toronto's best selection of 3D printing materials at your fingertips. Get instant quotes in 50+ resins, plastics and metals.

Local Manufacturing

Prototypes or high-volume production components, we offer rapid turnaround for any quantity of parts you need.

Next Day Delivery 

Ultra fast shipping in the GTA. Get your parts shipped on next day express anywhere you need them in the Greater Toronto Area.

Toronto 3D Printing

Forge Labs operates with the largest in-house industrial 3D printing capacity in Toronto, enabling the swiftest deliveries across the province at highly competitive rates. With our local manufacturing approach, there's no need for lengthy communication with external partners or the logistics of shipping parts between distant facilities. We maintain full control over your part production, allowing us to promptly adapt to changing requirements, often within minutes. Utilizing cutting-edge industrial 3D printing technologies from Stratasys, EOS, 3D Systems, and HP, we manufacture locally and deliver the next day anywhere in Ontario and across Canada. Our dedicated technicians operate across multiple time zones, ensuring your parts arrive punctually, regardless of your location within the province. 

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How 3D Printing Supports Toronto Manufacturing

Toronto's strategic location and a skilled workforce have played a significant role in driving its economic success. Now, with the rise of 3D printing technology, Toronto's leading industries have a chance to flourish even more. The technology sector can leverage 3D printing for rapid prototyping, streamlining product development and fostering innovation. In the film industry, 3D printing can bring breathtaking special effects to life, enhancing storytelling and captivating audiences worldwide. The number of projects involving 3D printing Toronto businesses are engaging with is increasing every year. Embracing 3D printing will undoubtedly solidify Toronto's position as a global powerhouse for innovation and economic growth


In 2020, Toronto 3D Printing companies were praised for their success in mitigating supply disruptions and lockdowns due to Covid-19. Thanks to the agility, customizability, flexibility, and the resiliency of 3D printing’s shorter supply chain, manufacturers like Forge Labs were able to generate a great deal of optimism for the future of additive manufacturing and demonstrate the value of 3d printing throughout the supply chain. Traditional manufacturers were much less resilient to the challenges of covid due to their need to retool and modify their assembly lines. Conversely, 3D printing allows for single step manufacturing with low setup costs and preprocessing required, yielding significant cost savings in setups, logistics and material costs required for customized goods.



3D printing revolutionizes Automotive manufacturing in Toronto by enabling the creation of intricate, lightweight components, speeding up prototyping, and customizing precision parts. This enhances vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and design innovation, ensuring Toronto's automotive sector remains competitive and sustainable. Read More



3D printing is a transformative tool that streamlines design and visualization, enabling the creation of detailed scale models from digital CAD files. It promotes innovation in the Toronto architectural scene by facilitating intricate and unconventional design exploration, revolutionizing traditional architectural practices for more precise and efficient solutions. Read More



3D printing revolutionizes the design process by enabling the rapid creation of detailed, patient-specific anatomical models and custom medical devices. This technology supports surgical planning, enhances medical training, and aids in developing innovative healthcare solutions by providing healthcare professionals in Toronto with accurate, tangible representations of complex structures and designs. Read More



3D printing is instrumental for optimizing aircraft design and manufacturing processes. It enables the production of lightweight, complex components that enhance fuel efficiency and aircraft performance, reducing costs in the long run. This technology expedites the prototyping phase, allowing for rapid testing of new designs and materials, and streamlines the production of intricate aerospace parts. By leveraging 3D printing, Toronto's aerospace sector remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in the global aviation landscape. Read More


Industrial Design

3D printing allows designers to bring new, innovative concepts to life quickly, test form and function, and make necessary refinements, reducing time-to-market significantly. Additionally, 3D printing fosters creativity by enabling the fabrication of intricate and custom components that were once challenging to produce with traditional methods. This technology empowers product designers in Toronto to innovate efficiently, resulting in more competitive and cutting-edge products for local and global markets.. Read More


Film & Television

3D printing is a transformative tool that enhances production efficiency and creative flexibility. It enables the rapid creation of detailed props and set pieces, streamlining the design and production process. This technology allows for on-demand fabrication of customized and intricate props, reducing costs and production time. By harnessing 3D printing, Toronto's Film & Television sector can bring imaginative concepts to life, creating visually captivating and dynamic content for audiences worldwide.  Read More

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