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Trusted by Ontario Engineers & Designers 

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Toronto 3D Printing Services

Don't wait for 3D Printing quotes! Get instant pricing on your designs with our advanced manufacturing online quote platform. Forge Labs offers the latest cutting-edge 3D print solutions in a wide range of materials and technologies to support Ontario's top innovators, engineers and designers.

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Instant Online Quotes 

Instantly receive a quote in 40+ unique 3D printed materials. Place your order online or work directly with our engineers.


100% Canadian Made

All parts are reviewed by our technicians who work directly with you to ensure the highest quality part, everytime.

Next Day Delivery Anywhere in Ontario

We handle all the delivery & logistics to ensue you get your parts quickly and on time anywhere in Ontario.

3D Printing Materials

The largest selection of 3D printed industrial resins, plastics & metals all manufactured right here in Canada.

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Plastics ideal for end-use applications and small to mid sized production runs


Industrial Resins

Highly detailed, highly accurate parts in functional Stereolithography resins.



Lightweight, fully dense,  functional metal parts using DMLS

On-Demand Additive Manufacturing

Upload Your Design

Don't wait for a manual quote if you don't want to! Upload your files, select a manufacturing process and a material, and instantly receive a quote. Or, speak to applications engineers who can answer any questions you might have.

View Instant Online Quotes

Immediate pricing feedback in over 40 unique materials.  We offer Ontario's most competitive pricing on both prototype orders & production runs using advanced 3D Printing Technologies.

Ultra Fast Turnaround Times

Whether you need one  part, or thousands, our massive in-house capacity ensures the fastest turnaround anywhere in Ontario

Quality 3D Printed Parts You Trust

Inspection reports, full material traceability and certificates of conformance ensure confidence in your 3D Printed parts whether they are for prototypes or end-use.

Toronto Manufacturing with 3D Printing


Toronto Prototying

Iterate quicker with 3D printed prototypes from Forge Labs.  Instant online ordering enables you to place an order and receive parts in days, instead of weeks.  Rapidly test form & function before tooling begins to speed up time to market. Test parts in 50+ unique 3D printed material that offer the industries highest part accuracy, surface finish and functionality.


To End-Use Production

Additive manufacturing uses industry leading advanced manufacturing and 3D printing technologies are capable of producing end-use parts for the most demanding industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Subsea manufacturing and everything in-between. Forge Labs can effortlessly produce the most complex designs in functional plastics & metals with no setup costs enabling efficient manufacturing of any size order.

Trusted by Ontario Engineers & Designers

Read our case studies and learn how Ontario's most innovative companies are using 3D Printing to accelerate their manufacturing process and enable on-demand production exactly when they need it. Our 3D Printing service a wide range of industries from Aerospace, to Automotive to Subsea and everything in-between.

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