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Upgrade your supply chain with lightning-quick part turnaround and seamless next-day shipping across BC. We are Victoria's fastest and most comprehensive custom manufacturing service.

|  50+ advanced polymers and metals

|  6 state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies

|  1 day minimum lead time and next-day shipping across Canada

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Victoria Additive Manufacturing Services

Unlock the potential of Victoria's most advanced additive manufacturing with our state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions. Benefit from instant quotes and explore a wide range of 3D printing materials tailored to your project's needs. Our expertise spans industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, and entertainment, ensuring your projects not only meet but exceed industry standards. With our advanced technology and comprehensive service, including CoCs, material certifications, and rigorous inspections, your visions are transformed into tangible products, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Selective Laser Sintering

Versatile and cost-effective solution for producing functional parts with complex geometries. Its ability to create intricate structures without the need for support material makes it particularly valuable in industries like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, where design freedom, rapid prototyping, and low-volume production are crucial for innovation and efficiency.

            1 - 500 + Parts
            Tolerances to +/-0.25mm
            Parts as quick as 2 business days.
            Build sizes up to 16 x 14 x 16".
SLS Sample Part

Our Manufacturing Quality Commitment

Our cutting-edge Victoria 3D printing facilities are equipped to cater to the diverse production needs of multiple industries. Whether it involves crafting urgent one-off components or managing extensive production batches with stringent accuracy, our commitment to manufacturing excellence remains unwavering. Forge Labs boasts an extensive array of both internal and on-the-ground quality control (QC) measures, guaranteeing that each custom part undergoes thorough inspection by our quality assurance team before it gets shipped to you.

Instant Online 3D Printing in Victoria

Our Digital Manufacturing Process Explained

Whether it's a single part or a large production batch, all you have to do is upload your designs to our online quote tool and we can handle the rest. Our machines are running around-the-clock, and our dedicated team of technicians and engineers are ready to review your files for printability, provide design feedback, recommend materials, post-processing options, and work with you to make sure you get the parts you need. Once your parts are printed, we'll run them through our rigorous quality control process before shipping them straight to you on next-day shipping across the country. 

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Instant Pricing

Victoria's best selection of 3D printing materials at your fingertips. Get instant quotes in 50+ resins, plastics and metals.

Local Manufacturing

Prototypes or high-volume production components, we offer rapid turnaround for any quantity of parts you need.

Next Day Delivery 

Ultra fast shipping in across the province. Get your parts shipped on next day express anywhere you need them in Victoria.

Victoria 3D Printing

Strategically located in Victoria, BC, we leverage the latest in industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies from leading providers such as Stratasys, EOS, 3D Systems, and HP. Our local manufacturing capabilities are enhanced by a global mindset, allowing us to deliver on time, regardless of your location. By focusing on advanced technology and skilled technicians, we ensure your projects are realized with the highest standards of quality and efficiency, embodying our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital fabrication.

Victoria 3D printing

How additive manufacturing has contributed to Victoria

Victoria is at the forefront of technological innovation, with significant contributions to industries such as sustainable technology, eco-tourism, higher education, and government services. Within this vibrant ecosystem, Forge Labs plays a pivotal role by providing cutting-edge 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. Our services empower the local tech, healthcare, engineering, and education sectors to explore new frontiers in design and production. By offering advanced materials and precision manufacturing, we enable industries in Victoria to achieve groundbreaking advancements in product development and manufacturing efficiency, ensuring they remain competitive on a global scale.



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Industrial Design

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Film & Television

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