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Agilus 30 

Agilus30is the top choice for designers and engineers seeking to create prototypes that closely resemble the final rubber products. Its durability, tear-resistance, configurable Shore A value, and ability to simulate the look, feel, and function of rubber make it an invaluable tool for advanced design verification, rapid prototyping, and the production of a wide range of rubber-like components.

Average Lead Time:

3-5 Business Days

3D Printers Used: 

Stratasys Connex3 500

Stratasys Connex3 350

Stratasys Connex3 260

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Material Overview

Agilus30 is an exceptional rubberlike PolyJet photopolymer family renowned for its outstanding performance in advanced design verification and rapid prototyping applications. Agilus30 is unique in its ability to produce highly durable and tear-resistant prototypes with an finish. This characteristic enables the prototypes to withstand repeated flexing and bending without compromising their structural integrity. This makes Agilus30 particularly suitable for applications where prototypes need to endure dynamic forces or undergo frequent handling.


In addition to its impressive mechanical properties, Agilus30 also delivers improved surface texture, enhancing the visual and tactile appeal of the printed parts. This means that not only do the prototypes accurately mimic the behavior of rubber-like materials, but they also possess the desired aesthetics.


The configurable Shore A value of Agilus30, ranging from 30 to 95, provides designers and engineers with great flexibility in simulating the desired characteristics of rubber-like products. By adjusting the Shore A value, they can accurately replicate the look, feel, and functionality of various rubber materials. This enables them to create prototypes that closely resemble the final products, allowing for more accurate design verification and realistic evaluation of performance.


The versatility of Agilus30 extends to its wide range of applications. With this material, it becomes possible to 3D print rubber surrounds, overmolds, soft-touch coatings, living hinges, jigs and fixtures, wearables, grips, and seals. Rubber surrounds can be created to enhance the protection and aesthetics of electronic devices or machinery. Overmolds can be added to provide a soft and comfortable grip or to combine different materials for improved functionality. Soft-touch coatings can be applied to surfaces to enhance the tactile experience and improve user interaction. Living hinges, which are flexible connections between two parts, can be printed to enable smooth opening and closing of objects like containers or clamshell packages.


Agilus30 allows the creation of jigs and fixtures, which are tools used for guiding or holding workpieces during manufacturing processes. These can be custom-made to meet specific requirements, offering increased efficiency and precision in production. Wearables such as customized straps or flexible components for electronic devices can also be fabricated, providing comfort and functionality. Grips with enhanced surface texture can be designed for better ergonomics and user experience, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold. Finally, seals made with Agilus30 can offer superior sealing properties in various applications, such as preventing leakage or maintaining airtightness.




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Safety Datasheet

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General Applications

  • Surgical Guides
  • Crown & Prep Guides
  • High Clarity Medical Models
  • Flow Visualization Models
  • End-use Medical Devices
  • Moisture & Humidity Resistant Parts
  • Biocompatible USP VI Capable

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability