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3D Printing Scale Architectural Models

We specialize in architectural printing and file conversions, and can produce accurate massing models from pre-existing Sketchup, Autocad, and Revit files. By adjusting thicknesses, cropping out extraneous buildings, and ensuring the files are water-tight, we can turn around durable, error-free prints without re-inventing the wheel.

Architectural Modeling Services

3D  Printing Scale Models

Manufacturing architectural models with 3D printing allows designers to quickly craft and turnaround complex architectural models in a variety of resins and polymers suitable for trade shows, presentation centers and client presentations. Our fully digital architectural modeling process allows models to be easily modified optimized and manufactured in less time  while also providing exceptional accuracy, finish and detail than possible with traditional 3D printing methods.

3D Modelling & CAD Services

We can work from CAD files or drawings in a number of different file formats including Revit and Sketchup and can provide exceptionally quick turnaround times. We utilize advanced 3D printing technologies include Selective Laser Sintering, Stereolithography and Direct Metal Laser Sintering  to quickly craft highly complex architectural with ultra-fine details easily, and cost effectively directly from CAD files,  Sketches, renders and 2D drawings.

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Architectural 3D Printing  Technologies


Laser Sintering




Fused Deposition

Case Studies

3D Printing Scale Models

The rapid print speed of Stratasys FDM makes it possible for us to provide massing models faster and more affordably than via traditional manufacturing methods.

3D Printing Drill enclosures

3D Printed Elevation Models

Large format FDM 3D printing enables models to be printed up to 36 x 24 in a single print with outstanding detail & accuracy.