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What's Inside Forge Labs SLA Lab

Stereolithography (SLA) is a type of 3D printing technology that uses a laser to cure and solidify liquid resin, layer by layer, to create a solid object. It is considered one of the first 3D printing technologies and is one of the most widely used methods for creating detailed and precise parts and prototypes.

SLA is known for its high-resolution and precision, making it well suited for creating detailed parts and prototypes with fine features and smooth surfaces. It is also widely used in a variety of industries, including product development, jewelry and dental, art and sculpture, education and research, and low-volume manufacturing.

 Forge Labs uses 3D System Projet 7000 SLA 3D printers which offer a number of advantages:

High resolution: These printers are capable of producing very detailed and precise parts with fine features and smooth surfaces.

Functional materials: Projet 7000's can run a wide range of resin materials that can be used, including clear, flexible, rigid, and high-temperature resistant materials.

Large build volume: They have a large build volume which allows for larger and more complex parts to be printed.

High accuracy: Projet 7000 SLA 3D printers have a high level of accuracy and repeatability, making them ideal for producing parts that need to fit together precisely.

Fast printing time: The printer can print parts very quickly compared to other 3D printing technologies, which makes it suitable for large scale production.

Excellent surface finish: Projet 7000 SLA 3D printers produce parts with high surface quality, which makes it ideal for parts that will be visible or for end-use parts.

Cost-effective: The cost of materials and operation is relatively low, making it a cost-effective option for mass production.