Molds & Patterns

Looking to accelerate the manufacturing of complex master patterns for urethane casting? 3D printing allows for the easy production of geometries too detailed for CNC, without any complex manual fabrication or post-processing.


Molds & Patterns with 3D Printing

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3D Printing Molds & Master Patterns

3D printed master patterns can be produced in a single build without additional machining, in as quick as 1-3 business days. Due to the quick cycle time, low cost per part and limited tool life, urethane casting is ideal for casting up to 1000 parts.

Forge Labs offers both Stereolithography (SLA) and Polyjet Matrix 3D printing which are high-resolution processes that produce parts smooth and detailed enough for casting with little no post processing required.


3D Printing Technologies for Urethane Casting Master Patterns




PolyJet Matrix


Selective Laser Sintering


Digital Light Synthesis

Case Studies


Revolutionizing the Injection Molding Process

This video demonstrates how 3D printing can be used to turn the production of injection molded prototypes into a quick, easy and inexpensive process.

Digital ABS Molds for Silicone Rubber

This video demonstrates how Digital ABS molds using PolyJet 3D printing can be used to expedite the casting process for silicone molding to speed time to market.