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Rigur (RGD450) 

Rigur (RGD450) is an innovative material known for its ability to accurately simulate the characteristics of polypropylene, making it a valuable asset in various manufacturing and design applications. This advanced material offers a combination of toughness, dimensional stability, and excellent surface finish, making it highly desirable for a wide range of projects.

Average Lead Time:

3-5 Business Days

3D Printers Used: 

Stratasys Objet30 Prime/Pro

Stratasys Objet260/500 Connex1

Stratasys Objet1000 Plus

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Material Overview

Rigur (RDG450) is a high detail PolyJet Matrix material known for its excellent mechanical properties, making it highly suitable for demanding prototyping applications. Its exceptional toughness allows it to withstand rigorous forces and impacts without easily breaking, ensuring durability and longevity in applications subjected to constant stress. Rigur offers excellent tensile strength, which enables it to resist stretching and pulling forces. This property is crucial in manufacturing components that require strength and resilience to maintain their structural integrity. Together with Rigur excellent elongation at break, the material is able to withstand deformation and stretching without fracturing. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for creating closures and living hinges where flexibility is a key requirement.


3D Printed parts using Rigur maintain their intended shape and size over time. This property is vital for producing accurate prototypes and end-use parts that meet specific dimensional requirements. Rigur's dimensional stability contributes to consistent and reliable manufacturing, minimizing the risk of warping or distortion during the production process.


Rigur also offers an impressive surface finish, providing a smooth and refined appearance to printed parts. This aesthetic appeal is crucial in applications where visual quality is important, such as consumer products, packaging, or parts that require a polished finish. The bright white color of Rigur enhances its versatility, allowing for various design possibilities and easy incorporation into different products or prototypes. It also facilitates post-processing techniques like painting or dyeing to achieve desired color schemes or branding requirements.


Rigur can be combined with both VeroClear and Agilus30 to expand its versatility even further. By blending Rigur with different resins, a range of gray colors and Shore A options can be achieved, enabling customization to specific requirements.




Material Datasheet

Safety Datasheet

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General Applications

  • Surgical Guides
  • Crown & Prep Guides
  • High Clarity Medical Models
  • Flow Visualization Models
  • End-use Medical Devices
  • Moisture & Humidity Resistant Parts
  • Biocompatible USP VI Capable

Material Characteristics

Thermal Stability